Civil Ceremony in American Style

Have you always dreamed of getting married with an american civil ceremony in a villa, in a suggestive place or in a wonderful garden?

Imagine an american movie with a civil ceremony, floral decorations and dresses. All with the appropriate musical accompaniment. You are not in a movie, but in Villa Ales, the perfect location to get married in Rome, in an American atmosphere and style.

We will make you live an unforgettable event, with professionals who will make this event memorable and flawless, with personalized written texts and with the participation of your friends and relatives who will interact in the ceremony.

The celebrant will conclude the ceremony with the signing of the signatures on a wonderful personalized book that Villa Ales’s wedding planner will prepare especially for you.


You can focus on a celebratory arch, of flowers or customized according to the location, or the theme of your wedding. The new trends include wooden arches, rustic vintage, or made of branches, shells and other marine elements, up to drapes of precious fabrics, candles and even balloons.

Often brides and grooms choose to have a friend or relative officiate, but it is not the most recommended choice. The 2018 trend is to hire an officiating actor, maybe even a singer, who repeats the legal formulas and enriches the ritual of elements that make it unique, full of hints and anecdotes to your love story. Your loved ones can still be involved in poetry readings or letters written by them that make the civil ceremony exciting and often ironic.

They are the new trend 2018, they come from abroad and are small objects distributed to your guests that can come in handy during the ceremony and reception. From fans to sunglasses, from slippers for ladies to CDs with the soundtrack of your wedding, all together in a wedding bag that will be delivered to each guest on his arrival. Space for imagination and inspiration!

In American wedding you can have up to four bridesmaids and groomsmen. Why not take advantage of it? They will be four beautiful bridesmaids with dresses matched to the bride who will be next to assist her in the most exciting moments. The groomsmen will be matched to the groom with ties and buttons, while the bridesmaids will have a smaller bouquet with the same flowers as the bride’s. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are invited to fill their roles with special participations, funny phrases, gifts, jokes, flash mobs and much more.

In true Anglo-Saxon tradition the wedding procession is much more complex than the religious one in the church: the first to enter is the mother of the bride, followed by the groomsmen, the witness and the officiant who takes a seat behind the altar; so it is the turn of the bridegroom, the bride’s bridesmaids (usually three), followed by the bridesmaid, who is the witness. It is at that moment that the Flower Girl, a child who scatters petals of roses, and the ring bearer, usually a child, is followed by the bride and her father, arm in arm.

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