1 Floral Wedding

This is one of the trend of the perfect wedding 2018: lots of flowers, not only to decorate the altar or the bouquet but to decorate tables, clothes, buffets and even dishes on the menu.

2 Goodbye Total White

Choose the color and not the classic white wedding. The combination of two or more colors that will come back to the tables, the invitations, the flowers, the bride and bridesmaid dresses.

3 Wedding “en plen ar”

For a 2018 wedding, the outdoors is the must have of the moment. Focus on the multi-scale set-up: bright, floral or fabric arrangements that are placed at the top.

4 Social marriage

This is among the most innovative 2018 wedding trends: create a hashtag of your wedding, participate in the countless apps dedicated to the wedding, find the addresses of the suppliers to be set on google maps before going to the appointments, up to the design of your website for the guests, where to collect the information regarding the wedding and provide useful details about the ceremony.

5 Eat with a smile

Beer dispenser, donuts hung on the wall, wall corner buffet: eat while having fun, here’s another 2018 wedding trend.

6 Wedding bag

Give the guests the “survival kit”: fans, water, mosquito spray, chic slippers and much more. Bags can even replace wedding favors!